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The Training Ground Ponsonby

Calisthenics Strength, Mobility, Parkour & Tumbling Classes
The Training Ground – Ponsonby, Auckland

“Andrew has been both my parkour and fitness coach and coached both of my children (boy 9 and girl 13) in parkour and tumbling, for the past three years. He has always been a very good instructor, encouraging and supportive. I would highly recommend him to anyone and my kids love being taught by him.“ – Christian Hann

At The Training Ground we specialise in getting you and your family in phenomenal shape (for now and the future) – moving well with speed, power, strength & agility – all while feeling great and training with an awesome group of people.

All our classes are capped at 8 students per coach – so you get the individual attention you need, allowing for the  best training experience and results.

  • I have been working out for about 2 months at the training ground with Andrew and it has been the best gym I've been to. Movements, mobility, strength. It's very complete. I'm not in Auckland anymore but I would have train there forever. All the best and long life to the training ground! 💪

    mickael r. Avatar
    mickael r.
    04 Mar 2020
  • positive review Andrew is an absolute legend, his knowledge and passion to teach kids (and wanna be kids) how to safely jump, rolls flip and fly is contagious! Started just with my son attending parkour classes to now attending the family sessions on sunday. So much fun and bonus get fit as well!!

    Amber F. Avatar
    Amber F.
    13 Feb 2020
  • We love training ground, Andrew is great with the kids and my son loves it. High recommend.

    Helen D. Avatar
    Helen D.
    11 Oct 2019
  • Amazing place. All kinds of great training equipment in there. Nice combination of strength, mobility and movement. Suitable for any experience level and perfect training for longevity / general health.Small classes and motivated trainers will allow you to progress as fast as possible.

    Markus W. Avatar
    Markus W.
    11 Sep 2019
  • Working out at The Training Ground has been a lot of fun and a great new challenge! Andrew is very knowledgeable and is awesome at helping you develop new skills

    Flynn M. Avatar
    Flynn M.
    11 Oct 2019
  • The Training Ground is a such a great place! The coaches are so helpful, the community is extremely welcoming, and the culture of the place is awesome.

    Magno J. Avatar
    Magno J.
    24 Feb 2020
  • What a fantastic class. My son absolutely loves this training with Andrew. Having had a lot of experience in teaching children myself, I can't recommend Andrew enough. He knows exactly how to talk to the kids and keep the boys engaged.

    Ginny S. Avatar
    Ginny S.
    11 Oct 2019
  • positive review Professional coaches with years of experience and knowledge.
    Safe and positive environment for adults and kids.

    Maree C. Avatar
    Maree C.
    31 Jul 2019
  • positive review This place is so much fun. It's a great community and friendly atmosphere. Everyone inspires and encourages you, and the coaches are determined and creative in helping you to progress. Beware though... it's totaly addictive! Mwuaahahaaha.

    Vagabond V. Avatar
    Vagabond V.
    17 Jan 2020
  • An amazing place to learn new skills, lots of obstacles to practice parkour, bars to dp calisthenics, classes for strength and conditioning, amazing coaching, all ages friendly, 11/10

    Quick A. Avatar
    Quick A.
    19 Feb 2020
  • What a great place to get fit and be happy! Andrew has done a great job of creating awesome and supportive environment where everyone can work on their own fitness goals. Highly recommended!!

    Ryoko I. Avatar
    Ryoko I.
    24 Feb 2020
  • Coach Zimmer is very good and patience when dealing with kids. My son enjoyed the sessions very much.

    Shuhadah N. Avatar
    Shuhadah N.
    11 Oct 2019
  • Good facility with quality equipment. Small classes with close attention from instructor. Sessions are split across mobility, strength and then a workout.

    David F. Avatar
    David F.
    11 Sep 2019
  • My son absolutely has a blast here. Andrew is amazing, so great with kids, guiding them safely into all the tricks and mobility:-) highly recommend

    Amber F. Avatar
    Amber F.
    11 Oct 2019
  • positive review Such a great place to workout, you have so much fun, and you actually see results, no matter your level of experience, you can learn either calisthenics skills, parkour or just conditioning, 10/10

    Andres N. Avatar
    Andres N.
    13 Feb 2020
  • Excellent gym offering more than just weights - functional body strength, agility, personal attention and even kids gymnastics classes. Check them out for a better approach to whole body fitness

    M R. Avatar
    M R.
    22 Feb 2020
  • Would give this 10 stars if I could! Such a cool facility and awesome vibe. Andrew has a really kind approach to teaching, is great at breaking moves down, and makes me feel safe giving things a go. Thanks so much! 💪

    Jess H. Avatar
    Jess H.
    13 Feb 2020
  • I'm looking to develop my calisthenics skills. Went to the open session and learned a lot. Andrew knows his stuff. Nice equipment too! If you're looking for an alternative to the normal borung gym stuff, this place is ideal!

    Adrian M. Avatar
    Adrian M.
    11 Oct 2019
  • Such an epic tumbling and parkour and strength training gym. Must visit!!!

    steve b. Avatar
    steve b.
    11 Feb 2020
  • positive review Such a great place to workout !! Great coaches with a lot of experiences, skillful and really willing to help you 💪 Just go and see by yourself, you will become an addict to the gym 😎

    Sophie B. Avatar
    Sophie B.
    03 Mar 2020
  • positive review Amazing experience, super recommended. Andrew is an exceptional teacher with an amazing experience, the place is super sharp and tidy, 10/10.

    Eric V. Avatar
    Eric V.
    03 Nov 2019
  • Our kids can’t get enough of the great parkour training classes! And Andrew's inclusive, warm but firm manner keeps our wee darlings in-line!

    Jason G. Avatar
    Jason G.
    11 Oct 2019
  • positive review Safe and fun environment to train/practise and learn in.

    Erina C. Avatar
    Erina C.
    28 Nov 2019
  • Great place to learn many different kinds of movement - from calisthenics to gymnastics and tumbling to parkour. Andrew's knowledge is varied and he's great at breaking complicated skills down into small easily digestible chunks. The equipment is also top notch!

    Danny G. Avatar
    Danny G.
    11 Nov 2019

Our Adult Calisthenics Strength and Movement Program

Adult Fitness Classes

Adult Fitness Classes

Our Adult Fitness classes combine the calisthenics strength of a gymnast, the high intensity conditioning of an athlete, and the mobility needed to move well and avoid injury – all designed for you to build unmatched fitness, physique and movement:

+ Strength and Conditioning
+ Calisthenic Skills
+ Athletic Performance
+ Handstands / Handbalancing
+ Parkour & Tumbling
+ Mobility & HIIT

Calisthenics Workshop Series

Calisthenics Workshop Series

Our Calisthenics and Movement workshops are a fun and engaging way to explore specific elements of our training approach and philosophy -
+ Natural Movement & Mobility Flow
+ Handbalancing
+ Calisthenics Skills (muscle ups, flags & more)
+ Parkour & tumbling for adults
+ Guest talks and speakers

Our Kids Parkour and Gymnastics Tumbling Programs

Kids Parkour & Tumbling Classes

Kids Parkour & Tumbling Classes

Our Kids Parkour, Movement and Tumbling classes are all about exploring and developing movement intelligence in a fun, social, safe and engaging environment - by combining parkour skills (precision, flow and power) alongside gymnastics movement (complexity, strength and control):

+ Preschool Freestyle Fundamentals for 3 to 5 years
+ Kids Parkour Freestyle for 5 to 11 years
+ Teen Freestyle for 12 to 15 years
+ Family Fun Freestyle for 5+ years

Birthday Party Venue - Parkour Gym

Birthday Party Venue - Parkour Gym

Our Kids Birthday Parties are specifically designed to provide a unique, fun and engaging way to celebrate your childs special day with friends.
You get full use of our Ponsonby facility for 2 hours - and our coach will take the party through 1.5 hours of parkour / obstacle course and tumbling skills (and there is also the option of having a Nerf battle!). For the last half hour there is time to have your party food and cake.

School Holiday Program

Our Kids Holiday Program runs each weekday afternoon of the school holidays, providing a highly enjoyable session covering all the movement skills we coach in our kids classes. From gymnastics and mini-tramp skills, to parkour and obstacle courses - be ready for an afternoon of fun!

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