Build a Better Body - Become Fit for Life

Adult Strength & Conditioning Classes

Move with purpose and focus - Challenge Yourself

Develop Speed, Power, Strength & Agility

Discover your agility, flow and confidence 

Explore Mobility and Natural Movement

Individual Attention - Suitable for Everyone

Led by Strength and Conditioning Coach

Training in a fun and supportive environment

Begin the Journey To Amazing Skills

Adult Intro Fitness Pack for $19

Keen to Check out our Adult Classes?

We’re so excited to offer our latest New Member Adult Fitness Promotion!

We’ll get you started by trying out any three of our classes, we recommend beginning with:

Our Strength and Conditioning class – the perfect class to start with, as it highlights and covers the majority of what all other classes focus on and were built from.

As well as your choice of two other classes (can be two of the same): 
+ Calisthenic Skills
+ Handstands
+ Parkour & Tumbling
+ Athletic Performance
+ Mobility & HIIT
+ Strength & Conditioning

Hope to see you in class soon 🙏



  1. Bookings are essential
  2. Only available to new members

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