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Mobility and Movement Workshops

From your first pullup through to advanced skills

Calisthenics Skills Workshops

Realistic Progressions to Begin and Master Skills

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Two Hours Of Guided Exploration and Fun

Lead by Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning Coach

Calisthenics Strength, Mobility & Handstand Workshops

“Excellent workshop really enjoyed it, learnt heaps and motivated to progress my handstand journey, many thanks and look forward to future workshops”

We host small group (max 18 people) workshops on a variety of movement practices and skills based on the training philosophy here of Strength and Mobility. These workshops provide the student with an indepth look at approaches to achieve calisthenics skills and movement flows – with progressions for all ages and fitness levels.

All Things Handstands

All Things Handstands

This handstand workshop covers the fundamental principles of handstand balancing, through to the more advanced skills of handstand pushups, handstand walking and press handstands.
$40 / person for 2 hours, 3pm-5pm

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